KAJ Bookings is an International booking agency and event production company that was founded in Montreal in 2017.


In two years, KAJ Bookings has produced 50+ shows at over 20 venues in Montreal, Marrakech and Tokyo. During this time, KAJ has worked with artists such as Darius, YBN Nahmir, Sofiane, Pressa, and Hamza, obtained multi show sponsorships from Montreality, Topicrem, and Bumble, and partnered with some of Montreal, Marrakech and Tokyo’s most respected event producers.

During this time, KAJ Bookings has a track record of producing both locally and internationally targeted events.

In Montreal, Marrakech, and Tokyo every single one of our shows featuring an international artist has sold out.

Over 85% of shows featuring local artists have also sold out.

Every show has been profitable for all partners involved.


KAJ Bookings has a very strong track record of digital marketing for events, with an average 90% increase in Facebook event attendees over equivalent shows by the same artist. Overall, KAJ’s social media reach over the past year has been over 300,000 users; not to mention the massive following reached by partnered posts on Montreality’s Facebook page (2.8M Likes), and on artists’ personal pages (eg. Sofiane - Fianso, 630K).

KAJ Bookings works with passionate and ambitious artists, motivated production companies for partnerships, and sponsors looking to provide the best possible experience for customers.

We ensure overwhelming success for our all of our events by combining our industry expertise, meticulous planning, and culturally relevant creative direction to our partners wants and needs.

If you would like to work with KAJ for your next event, please contact us using the form below.

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